Cinders WikiCoding CindersFairytale - Evil Queen, Loves Perrault, Ghede Advisor
Fairytale - Fair Queen, Loves Prince, Carmosa AdvisorFairytale - Good Queen, No Love, IndependentFairytale - Machiavellic Queen, Loves Tobias, Fairy Advisor
Fairytale EndingFour EndingsGrim Fate - Ghede Mourns
Grim Fate - No One MournsGrim Fate - Perrault MournsGrim Fate - Tobias Mourns
Grim Fate EndingIndependent Woman - Broken Carmosa, Good Host, Connection With Sophia, No LoveIndependent Woman - Carmosa's Support, Wise Host, Sisterly Love, Loves Prince
Independent Woman - Carmosa Imprisoned, Ironhanded Host, Sisterly Hate, Loves TobiasIndependent Woman - Carmosa Poisoned, Quiet Life, Connection with Gloria, Loves PerraultIndependent Woman Ending
Traveler - AloneTraveler - FugitiveTraveler - Witch's Apprentice
Traveler - With PerraultTraveler - With TobiasTraveler Ending
File:Alone.pngFile:Alone2.pngFile:Broken Carmosa, Good Host, Connection With Sophia, No Love.png
File:Carmosa's Support, Wise Host, Sisterly Love, Loves Prince.pngFile:Carmosa Imprisoned, Ironhanded Host, Sisterly Hate, Loves Tobias-0.pngFile:Carmosa Poisoned, Quiet Life, Connection With Gloria, Loves Perrault.png
File:Cinders TrailerFile:Cinderstitle.jpgFile:Evil Queen, Loves Perrault, Ghede Advisor.png
File:Fair Queen, Loves Prince, Carmosa Advisor.pngFile:Four Endings.pngFile:Game Credits.png
File:Ghede Mourns.pngFile:Good Queen, No Love, Independent.pngFile:Machiavellic Queen, Loves Tobias, Fairy Advisor.png
File:No One Mourns.pngFile:Perrault Mourns.pngFile:The Fairytale.png
File:The Grim Fate.pngFile:The Independent Woman.pngFile:The Traveler.png
File:Title Screen2.pngFile:Tobias Mourns.pngFile:Trophies.png
File:Witch's Apprentice.pngFile:Witch's Apprentice2.pngFile:With Perrault.png
File:With Perrault2.pngFile:With Tobias.pngFile:With Tobias2.png

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